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Multi-Panel Frequently Asked Questions

What are my choices to achieve the various different dynamic architek Multi-Panel Art Framing Systems that I see on the ALUMA website?

Essentially the designs we can come up with are limitless, but the different ways to achieve them are quite simple.

1. Individual Side-By-Side Mounting Technique.
Basically you mount multiple architek modern picture frames right next to each other in the design and layout of your choosing using the architectural C-Rail mounting brackets included, which gives the appearance of one large single unit. You can frame individual images or large prints, which have been printed in sections then framed in the individual frames with desired spacing and layout.

2. Multi-Frame Strip Mount for Cable Suspension or Single C-Rail Mount Techniques. (Frames are built into strips and each frame has a separate piece of acrylic on the front.)
We vertically fasten several individual architek modern picture frames together using threaded rod. This allows us to hang a strip of connected frames from an architectural rail and cable system or to hang the entire strip using one C-Rail architectural bracket. The strips are suspended or mounted directly next to each other giving the appearance of one continuous unit. Special designs using a single piece of acrylic are possible.

3. Multi-Frame Connect With Single Sheet Acrylic. (One piece of acrylic is cut and polished to cover the entire multi-panel piece.)
We fasten several of our standard architek panels together using rear support brackets to form a unique size single framing unit out of several smaller panels. We then cut and polish one large piece of acrylic to cover the entire multi-panel art framing system. You can frame several single images or one large image that stretches across several panels.

Can I create architek Multi-Panel Art framing Systems using the Fine Art Versions with the clear acrylic mats?

Yes, you can use The Fine Art Version, however they will only work in the first Individual Side-By-Side mounting technique process. The prints must be centered on each frame to accommodate the transparent acrylic mat layer. The main image on the Multi-Panel web page was designed and built using (9) 22×22 Fine Art Frames. (See versions details to learn more about the two versions of our architek art framing system.)

What materials do we use?

All of our frames are produced in small quantities and are hand made using quality aluminum and frame grade polished acrylic. As you know aluminum is very resistant to corrosion and is very strong in comparison to its weight and is a beautiful lightweight contemporary material when grained and polished.

Are there any limitations I should be aware of?

The Aluma Art Framing System is very durable, however, we do not recommend them to be used in areas of excessive moisture as in most framing systems fogging can occur and excessive moisture can damage the media being framed. Contact ALUMA to learn even more ways to create unique Multi-Panel Art Framing Designs.

Modern Art Frames, Multi-Panel Art Systems, Architectural Panel Kits, Modular Workspace Solutions
Use our patented architek modern picture frame system as a stand-alone modern picture frame or combine multiple modern picture frames to create unique multi-panel systems and/or modern architectural walls. These unique contemporary picture frames and architectural products are constructed of high-grade perforated aluminum and present a versatile way of framing art, pictures and flat panel TV’s. Aluma designs offers a turnkey service in that we can design, print, build, frame, and ship our modern image display products directly to you or your clients with simple easy to understand installation instructions.

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