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ALUMA’s VETRO Modern Acrylic Wall Frames are among the highest quality acrylic picture frames on the market today.

You will see why the US Military, Boeing, Paramount Pictures and many other top companies use ALUMA for their important projects.

We guarantee you will love all of our modern products and services. The Vetro modern acrylic frame is Hand-Made in the US using premium grade acrylic and high quality brushed metal hardware. Our design team is always available to help you decide on the right version and finish for your modern image display project.

Quick-Mount vs. Stand-Off Mounting Options:

Both the Quick-Mount and Stand-Off versions use the same modern cap hardware. They look the same from the front and its only when you view them from the side that you see the difference.

The Quick-Mount version uses a clear acrylic bracket which floats the frame about a 1/2″ off the wall. This bracket is hidden behind the graphic being displayed therefore a clean minimalist look is achieved. Less damage to walls and ease of hanging makes the Vetro Quick-Mount version a top choice of commercial clients nationwide.

The Stand-Off version is for those on a tighter budget or who desire the Stand-Off hardware look. If you intend to display a transparent item or plan to frame various size pieces in a single modern frame, the Stand-Off version is the best solution. In these type of situations you might see the bracket behind your graphic using the quick-mount version.

Beautifully Finished Edges:

All of our Standard Vetro modern acrylic wall frames come with beautifully finished Satin edges. Satin finished edges have a smooth frosted modern appearance (No tool marks). Frames with platinum polish edges (crystal clear appearance) may be ordered in our Custom Configurator.

In House Printing & Mounting Services :

Order your prints during your frame purchase so that everything arrives ready for easy installation. Aluma offers free mounting of prints with all online frame and print orders. Our team of graphic designers are ready to assist you with your file uploads.

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Frame Size

8"x10" Frame (For 4"x6" or 5"x7" Photo), 11.5"x14" Frame (For 8"x10" or 8.5"x11" Photo), 12.5"x15" Frame (For 8.5"x11" Photo), 15"x18" Frame (For 11"x14" Photo), 15"x21" Frame (For 11"x17" Photo), 16"x16" Frame (For a 12"x12" Photo) *actual size 15.75"x15.75", 16"x20" Frame (For 12"x16" Photo) *actual size 15.75"x20", 18"x24" Frame (For 14"x20" Photo) *actual size 18"x23.75", 20"x24" Frame (For 16"x20" Photo) *actual size 20"x23.75", 22"x22" Frame (For 18"x18" Photo), 22"x28" Frame (For 18"x24" Photo), 24"x24" Frame (For 20"x20" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x23.75", 24"x28" Frame (For 20"x24" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x28", 24"x32" Frame (For 20"x28" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x31.75", 24"x36" Frame (For 20"x32" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x35.75", 28"x28" Frame (For 24"x24" Photo), 28"x34" Frame (For 24"x30" Photo), 28"x40" Frame (For 24"x36" Photo), 32"x44" Frame (For 28"x40" Photo) *actual size 31.75"x44", 34"x44" (Discontinued Soon), 9"x24" Frame (For (3) 5"x7" or (1) 7"x22" Photo) *actual size 9"x23.75", 9"x31" Frame (For (4) 5"x7" or (1) 7"x29" Photo)

Hardware Options

7/8" Round Architectural Hardware, 5/8" Round Architectural Hardware

Mounting Options

Stand-Off, Quick-Mount Upgrade (ADDED CHARGE)

Acrylic Front

1/4" Clear Acrylic Front, 1/4" Non-Glare Acrylic Front UPGRADE

Acrylic Finish

Satin Finish Edges, Platinum Polished Edge (+30%)

Printing Options

, , , ,

Background Material

Vetro 1/4 Clear Acrylic, Vetro 1/4 Black Acrylic (+25%)

Clear Acrylic Fine Art

1/8" Clear Acrylic Fine Art Mat 25%, 1/4" Clear Acrylic Fine Art Mat 35%

Mounting Security Bracket (+$25)

No, Yes

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