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VETRO Modern Acrylic Picture Frames

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Modern Acrylic Picture Frames | Perfect for Art, Photos, Posters & Signage. Contact Us for Standard 28″ x 40″, 32″ x 44″ and XL Custom sizes.

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ALUMA’s VETRO Modern Acrylic Wall Frames are among the highest quality acrylic picture frames on the market today.

You will see why the US Military, Boeing, Paramount Pictures and many other top companies use ALUMA for their important projects.

We guarantee you will love all of our modern products and services. The Vetro modern acrylic frame is Hand-Made in the US using premium grade acrylic and high quality brushed metal hardware. Our design team is always available to help you decide on the right version and finish for your modern image display project.

Quick-Mount vs. Stand-Off Mounting Options:

Both the Quick-Mount and Stand-Off versions use the same modern cap hardware. They look the same from the front and its only when you view them from the side that you see the difference.

The Quick-Mount version uses a clear acrylic bracket which floats the frame about a 1/2″ off the wall. This bracket is hidden behind the graphic being displayed therefore a clean minimalist look is achieved. Less damage to walls and ease of hanging makes the Vetro Quick-Mount version a top choice of commercial clients nationwide.

The Stand-Off version is for those on a tighter budget or who desire the Stand-Off hardware look. If you intend to display a transparent item or plan to frame various size pieces in a single modern frame, the Stand-Off version is the best solution. In these type of situations you might see the bracket behind your graphic using the quick-mount version.

Edge Finish Options:

All of our Vetro Modern Acrylic picture frames are made in house using precision CNC machining which gives them clean consistent machine edge. If you looking for that exquisite gallery finished edge you can choose to upgrade to our Satin finish or Platinum hand polish edge. Satin edges have a smooth frosted modern appearance and our Platinum polish edges give you a crystal clear appearance.

In House Printing & Mounting Services :

Order your prints during your frame purchase so that everything arrives ready for easy installation. Aluma offers free mounting of prints with all online frame and print orders. Our team of graphic designers are ready to assist you with your file uploads.

Additional information

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Frame Size

8"x10" Frame (For 4"x6" or 5"x7" Photo), 11.5"x14" Frame (For 8"x10" or 8.5"x11" Photo), 12.5"x15" Frame (For 8.5"x11" Photo), 15"x18" Frame (For 11"x14" Photo), 15"x21" Frame (For 11"x17" Photo), 16"x16" Frame (For a 12"x12" Photo) *actual size 15.75"x15.75", 16"x20" Frame (For 12"x16" Photo) *actual size 15.75"x20", 18"x24" Frame (For 14"x20" Photo) *actual size 18"x23.75", 20"x24" Frame (For 16"x20" Photo) *actual size 20"x23.75", 22"x22" Frame (For 18"x18" Photo), 22"x28" Frame (For 18"x24" Photo), 24"x24" Frame (For 20"x20" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x23.75", 24"x28" Frame (For 20"x24" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x28", 24"x32" Frame (For 20"x28" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x31.75", 24"x36" Frame (For 20"x32" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x35.75", 28"x28" Frame (For 24"x24" Photo), 28"x34" Frame (For 24"x30" Photo), 28"x40" Frame (For 24"x36" Photo), 32"x44" Frame (For 28"x40" Photo) *actual size 31.75"x44", 34"x44" (Discontinued Soon), 9"x24" Frame (For (3) 5"x7" or (1) 7"x22" Photo) *actual size 9"x23.75", 9"x31" Frame (For (4) 5"x7" or (1) 7"x29" Photo)

Hardware Options

7/8" Round Architectural Hardware, 5/8" Round Architectural Hardware

Mounting Options

Stand-Off, Quick-Mount Upgrade

Acrylic Front

1/4" Clear Acrylic Front, 1/4" Non-Glare Acrylic Front UPGRADE

Acrylic Finish

Standard Machine Finished Edge, Satin Finished Edge Upgrade (+15%), Platinum Polished Edge Upgrade (+30%)

Printing Options

, ,

Background Material

Vetro 1/4 Clear Acrylic, Vetro 1/4 Black Acrylic (+25%)

Clear Acrylic Fine Art

1/8" Clear Acrylic Fine Art Mat 25%, 1/4" Clear Acrylic Fine Art Mat 35%

Mounting Security Bracket (+$25)

No, Yes

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Customiser Size




Choose Your Mounting Option

Click here for more information about mounting options

Quick-Mount or Stand-Off

Quick-Mount Bracket

  • Unique acrylic french cleat system which floats the Vetro modern acrylic picture frame off the wall by 1/2”
  • Less damage to walls than the traditional stand-off barrel system
  • Quickly remove entire frame at once for easy on-site image changes

Traditional Stand-Off Hardware

  • Brushed metal back barrels secure frame 1” off the wall
  • Perfect for displaying vellum or transparent images where you would see the back bracket if it were a quick-mount system


Choose Your Edge Finish


Satin or Platinum Polished Edge Upgrades

Satin Finished Edge Upgrade

  • All products come with clean precision CNC machined edges.
  • CNC Machined edges leave faint tooling marks which are removed via an extra manufacturing process leaving modern clean frosted edges.
  • Perfect for those on a tighter budget, who still require a quality product and the finest attention to detail.

Platinum Perfection Hand Polished edge Upgrade

  • *Up-grade to our beautiful platinum hand polished edges , which are available on all of our acrylic products.*

Modern Acrylic Picture Frames

ALUMA’s VETRO line of modern acrylic picture frames are hand-made and can be custom fabricated to your exact specifications. Quick image changes and secure level mounting are a few features of our Vetro line of modern acrylic picture frames. Choose from our Standard line of Vetro frames or design your own custom Vetro frame in our online configurator.

Our Vetro modern acrylic wall frames use beautifully finished acrylic panels to create a modern display solution for displaying your latest project pictures, art, motivational posters, interior signage, recognition walls, awards, or diplomas. The Vetro Modern Acrylic Wall Frame is the ultimate and best stand-off image display system for commercial environments or residential living spaces (unpack this more later). Made to order right here is the US, our Vetro modern acrylic wall frames stands out from the pack. Quality architectural stand-off hardware and close attention to detail make the Aluma Vetro picture frame your smartest choice for displaying images, graphics and or Interior signage. Our Architectural hardware is available in 7/8”and 5/8” round sizes to fit your exact design needs. The turnkey design allows for simple installation while keeping consistent with an eloquent high end modern gallery style. Aluma’s exclusive Quick-Mount version of our Vetro Acrylic Wall Frame allows for even easier image changes as the entire frame can be quickly removed from the quick-mount wall bracket for inserting new images and graphics. Aluma has a great assortment of standard sizes and can assist you with custom fabricated display systems if your project is more complex or requires that special size. Aluma’s myriad of high-end display solutions, printing and excellent customer service will make your project a reality. Whether you go with our traditional Stand-Off or Quick-Mount version of the Vetro modern acrylic wall frame you will be glad you chose to go with the best in modern display solutions. Give our designers a call and let us show you how we can make your space speak to your level of excellence.

Custom made modern acrylic picture frames fabricated to your exact specifications. Quick image changes and secure level mounting are a few features of our Vetro line of modern acrylic picture frames. We use only the highest quality frame grade acrylic and aluminum architectural hardware. Select your size, mounting option, edge finish and we build them to order just for you its that easy. Contact ALUMA if you require our signature printing & mounting service. Upload all your files to our secure FTP site and leave the rest to us, everything arrives ready for quick & easy hanging.



Stand-Off vs. Quick-Mount

Stand-Off Mounting



For commercial environments and businesses of all sizes, Aluma’s display systems can be customized for any size interior sign, document or compliance poster. Vetro acrylic wall frames create a modern high-end look for your business from the sleek plexiglass display to the industrial stand-off hardware and an efficient quick-mount solution only offered by Aluma Designs. Inspire your employees as well as your current and future customers by putting your brand, key values, vision statements or compliance policies on display.  Featuring quality 1/4″ plexiglass, these bespoke frames are perfect for commercial environments.



Hardware Sizes: 5/8″ & 7/8″ (Both Quick-Mont & Stand-Off  Versions use the same front cap.)

*Returning customers – please verify hardware sizes on previously purchased frames before selecting your hardware size. If you are unsure please call our customer service department before placing your order.

5/8″ hardware is more proportionally suited to smaller frames or those who want to see less hardware on larger frames. 7/8″ hardware works well with larger frames and has been our standard size hardware for 14 years. A set of hardware is typically added every 34″. Large frames with one dimension greater than 34″ will have more than 4 sets of hardware.


-5/8″ round x 1/4″ thick

-7/8″ round x 1/4″ thick

Stand-Off Barrels

-5/8″ round x 7/8″ long

-7/8″ round x 7/8″ long


Quick-Mount Bracket:

Our quick-mount bracket is a transparent acrylic french cleat system which is super easy to mount and floats the frame off the wall by a 1/2”. Quick-mount brackets comes in 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 & 16″ lengths depending on selected frame size.

-Minimal damage to walls

-Quickly remove entire frame at once for easy on-site image changes.

-Make slight adjustments to horizontal placement without moving bracket. Frame will slide slightly to the right or the left on the quick-mount bracket making adjustment after

8″x10″ Frames in Quick Mount feature a Keyhole mount in place of french-cleat system.


Stand-Off  Version:

-Allow for more flexibility in image size being displayed.

-Allow for transparent images to be displayed.

-Allow for multiple images to be displayed in same frame.

-Slightly harder to mount than quick-mount version

-More damage to walls than quick-mount version.


Edge Finish:

All of our Vetro Modern Acrylic picture frames are made in house using precision CNC machining which gives them clean consistent machine edge. If you looking for that exquisite gallery finished edge you can choose to upgrade to our Satin finish or Platinum hand polish edge. Satin edges have a smooth frosted modern appearance and our Platinum polish edges give you a crystal clear appearance.

Satin Edge Upgrade: Super Smooth Frosted Acrylic Edge.

Platinum Hand Polished Edge Upgrade: Hand Sanded and polished to give the edges a crystal clear appearance.


Printing Specifications:

Epson Premium Semimatte Photo Paper (260) – (10.7 Mil) Epson Premium Semimatte Photo Paper offers professional photographers and graphic artists an additional option in resin coated photographic paper. Highly saturated, high resolution images can now be displayed on an elegant, understated semimatte finish that minimizes glare, while maximizing presentation quality. Its 10 mil thickness and extremely wide color gamut will make this paper a favorite among discerning professionals, while its instant drying and non-cockling characteristics make use, handling, and display of finished output trouble-free. It creates highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photograph productions. Like all of Epson’s innovative media, this paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible. As always, Epson supplies guarantees Epson quality.

Hahnemuhle German Etching 310gsm – (0.50mm) Fine Art Giclee’ Prints using Epson Ultrachrome K3 archival inks. – 91.5 whiteness – 99.0 opacity – with optical brighteners – Natural White, mould-made, 100% chlorine free pulp. The heavy-weight etching board Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper has a matte, velvety surface and the attractive warm white shade of a traditional artist’s board. German Etching is a genuine mould-made paper is ideal for sophisticated original prints. This archive grade paper is one of the most popular media in use worldwide for art reproductions. *Contact Aluma for pricing on special rag edge finishing.


Epson Ultrachrome HDR Inks
Opening a new era in color performance. Epson is once again raising the standard for pigment ink performance with Ultrachrome HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Featuring two extra colors – green and orange – Epson Ultrachrome HDR provides a much wider tonal range. This means higher color accuracy, greater subtlety and smoother gradations. More vivid, natural and dazzling.

The addition of orange and green inks takes inkjet color performance to an entirely new level. Grass and foliage will be much more vivid and natural, while orange tones like sunsets will be more dazzling. Photographers will be delighted to see that the orange ink also lessens the graininess in skin tones. Epson Ultrachrome HDR will give you quality unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Mix and Match

Mix and match different size products within a product line to receive great volume discounts.
Example: Select (3) 8×10 Vetro Stand-Off frames and (7) 15″x18″ Vetro Stand-Off frames and receive a 10% volume discount off your Vetro Stand-Off order.

All discounts are automatically calculated in your shopping cart. Promotional codes may not be combined with volume discounts.

Aluma Volume Discounts

5-9 Units 5% off
10-14 Units 10% off
15-19 Units 15% off
20-49 Units 20% off
50 Units and Up 25% off

Custom Sizes and Shipping Information

Does your print or artwork need a custom size? Try out our custom configurator. You design it! We build it!


*XL Frames and XL Orders will be shipped by ground freight.

*Contact Aluma for a quote for urgent rush jobs or if you require additional services such as Inside Delivery or White Glove Service.



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