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Workplace Solutions

Streamline Your Processes With Displays That Combine Form and Function

Present your compliance policies, assignments, & team goals with our unique comprehensive approach. The compliance board system is perfect for displaying important policies & procedures in a manner that reflects your organizations design style & culture. The Kaizen panel line is excellent for organizing anything & everything with a captivating architectural backdrop.

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Acrylic Custom Branded Sneeze Guards
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Performance Driven Data Management

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Aluma’s High-Tech line of workplace solutions will help your organization to use and manage performance driven data practices in a modern aesthetically pleasing way. Our panels can be used for any number of other data display and or management needs.

Acrylic easy sleeves are dry erase and allow you to change the graphics displayed whenever needed. Used in conjunction with our other products you can create some pretty dynamic data centers that are easy to gather around and encourage collaboration.

Just print your desired graphs, charts, messages and insert them into the acrylic sleeves and you’re ready to track and organize data.
*Custom printed corporate logos and unique designs available upon request.

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