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Workplace Solutions

Streamline Your Processes With Displays That Combine Form and Function

Present your compliance policies, assignments, & team goals with our unique comprehensive approach. The compliance board system is perfect for displaying important policies & procedures in a manner that reflects your organizations design style & culture. The Kaizen panel line is excellent for organizing anything & everything with a captivating architectural backdrop.

Slide Displays

Easy-to-Change Graphic Displays

The SLIDE is a beautiful high-end modern acrylic display system that is great for displaying mission statements, retail POPs and any other graphics which need to be changed quickly without removing the display from the wall. The unique three layer acrylic design creates a pocket that allows you to easily slide your graphics in and out of the SLIDE display system. There’s no need to sacrifice form for function.

Our modern SLIDE displays are hand-crafted in the USA using durable acrylic and modern architectural hardware. Attention to detail is what sets Aluma’s display and signage products apart from the rest. We strive to create the most beautifully finished signage and display solutions for all your modern display needs. All SLIDE displays come with everything needed to mount to most surfaces.

Custom Displays

Performance Driven Data Management for Compliance

Compliance systems combine collaboration with creativity.  This tangible interface offers a balanced visual aesthetic that helps you remain organized in your interactions with your team.  Collaboration systems are great for organizing presentations, projects, tasks, and systems with various departments or individuals.

Leverging clean white ACM, brushed metal, and beautiful acrylic, the custom Aluma process gives you access to near-endless combinations of durable and long-lasting materials. All with the option to brand or enhance the display with direct-to-surface printing. Reinforcing your brand while communicating with quality and excellence.



Collaborative Displays

Layers of Design to Help You Communicate Effectively

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Aluma’s High-Tech line of workplace solutions will help your organization to use and manage performance driven data practices in a modern aesthetically pleasing way. Our panels can be used for any number of other data display and or management needs.

Acrylic easy sleeves are dry erase and allow you to change the graphics displayed whenever needed. Used in conjunction with our other products you can create some pretty dynamic data centers that are easy to gather around and encourage collaboration.

Sneeze Guards

Freestanding Sneeze Guards

In an effort to do our part in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens, all of us here at ALUMA are working flat out in developing Sneeze Guards — ALUMA style.

Drawing on our years of experience in the design and production of Acrylic Picture Frames, Signs and Displays, we are perfectly equipped to move into production immediately. If you are in need of 1 or 1,000, please let us know. We are developing portable counter tops, permanent counter tops, flush front mounts, and ceiling mounts, with the option of custom printed graphics and messages available as well.

Custom Awards

Award Solutions Tailor-Made to your Culture

Build your team up with timeless accolades.

Custom awards of all shapes, materials, and sizes.

Recognition Walls

Showcase your Legacy, Leadership, Awards or Milestones with a Series of Stunning Custom Visuals

Recognition Walls are curated from infinite combinations of Aluma’s custom materials and showcased in any layout.

Need Workplace Solutions?

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