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Slide Displays

Easy-to-Change Graphic Displays

The SLIDE is a beautiful high-end modern acrylic display system that is great for displaying mission statements, retail POPs and any other graphics which need to be changed quickly without removing the display from the wall. The unique three layer acrylic design creates a pocket that allows you to easily slide your graphics in and out of the SLIDE display system. There’s no need to sacrifice form for function.

Our modern SLIDE displays are hand-crafted in the USA using durable acrylic and modern architectural hardware. Attention to detail is what sets Aluma’s display and signage products apart from the rest. We strive to create the most beautifully finished signage and display solutions for all your modern display needs. All SLIDE displays come with everything needed to mount to most surfaces.


Modern Acrylic Easy Change Slide Display

Brushed Metal Easy Change Slide Display

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