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Multi-Panel Configurations

Create limitless configurations of our Multi-Panel Modern Art Framing System by combining several of our standard modern picture framing systems

  • Customizable Modular Design.
  • Combine frames with like sides.
  • We help you design your system.

Custom panoramic multi-panel Designs.

Just one of the design options ALUMA uses to build its multi-panel art framing systems for our clients.

See FAQ page for multiple design options.

Connected frames are covered with single sheet of acrylic.


15″ x 18″
18″ x 22″
24″ x 28″
28″ x 34″
34″ x 40″
40″ x 50″


22″ x 22″
28″ x 28″
34″ x 34″

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Modern Art Frames, Multi-Panel Art Systems, Architectural Panel Kits, Modular Workspace Solutions
Use our patented architek modern picture frame system as a stand-alone modern picture frame or combine multiple modern picture frames to create unique multi-panel systems and/or modern architectural walls. These unique contemporary picture frames and architectural products are constructed of high-grade perforated aluminum and present a versatile way of framing art, pictures and flat panel TV’s. Aluma designs offers a turnkey service in that we can design, print, build, frame, and ship our modern image display products directly to you or your clients with simple easy to understand installation instructions.