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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences in the two different versions, The Agency version and the Fine Art version?

They are essentially the same product with one minor difference being that the Fine art version has an extra layer of acrylic with a cutout which is slightly smaller than the media being framed which serves as a transparent mat.

Why does the Fine Art version have the extra piece of acrylic mat cutout?

This transparent mat when fixed over the media being framed forms a space between the top layer acrylic and the media being framed which is 1/8th inch in depth.

What is the purpose of the transparent mat and the 1/8th inch space in the Fine Art version?

This space serves several purposes one being that it keeps the top layer of acrylic from pressing directly onto the media being framed making it more of an archival system than the Agency version. The transparent mat also adds depth to the framed art, which can give the framed piece a richer look. You can also insert traditional paper or fabric mats into this 1/8″ space for additional depth and to achieve unique framing possibilities.

What if the media I want to frame is a size other than your standard Fine Art versions mat size?

You can either choose to use the Agency version that will best accommodate the size of your media by checking the max media size that can be framed found under the size tab on our website. Or contact Aluma for a custom Fine Art version where the transparent mat is cut and polished to accommodate your specific media size.

Can you custom build a special size art framing system for my specific project?

Yes, we can custom build to your specific size however we do have a minimum order for projects like this.

How do I know which system I need for the design project I have in mind?

There are three main factors, which determine the version that is right for your project. Changeability, Actual Size and Budget.

1. How often do you plan on changing the media being framed?
If you plan on changing the media being framed quite often, we recommend the Agency version, as it is quite simple to make the changes due to the fact that there is no transparent mat layer to align during the reframing process. Simply remove the front piece of acrylic remove the existing media and replace it with the new media using acid free double stick tape then replace the front piece of acrylic. Align the new media being framed using the perforations in the frame panel as a guide.

2. What is the Actual size of the your media being Framed?
Our standard Fine Art versions come with a precut and polished transparent mat layer, which accommodate most standard paper sizes. (8×10. 11×14, 13×13, 16×20, 20×24) Note: Our X-large Fine Art versions (34×40 and the 40×50) are customized to your specific media dimension. All of our smaller size Fine Art versions may also be customized to accommodate your specific media dimension.

3. What is my budget?
Some framing projects may not require easy changeability but are restricted with a tighter budget therefore the Agency Line would be an excellent affordable solution without sacrificing the cutting edge dynamic modern look.

What about the quality and durability?

To give you an idea of the quality of our products. During one of our first trade shows an entire wall that was provided by the convention center collapsed during the night and we returned to find all of our frames strewn all over the floor under the collapsed wall. Not one frame had been broken, not one piece of acrylic fractured, the only damage was that one frame was slightly bent on the one of its edges. In a matter of minutes we had it bent back in place and were back in business.

What materials do we use?

All of our frames are produced in small quantities and are hand made using quality aluminum and frame grade hand polished acrylic. As you know aluminum is very resistant to corrosion and is very strong in comparison to its weight. Its no coincidence that it has gone up in price over 70% in the past several years, it’s a beautiful lightweight contemporary material when grained and polished.

Are there any limitations I should be aware of?

The Aluma Art Framing System is very durable, however, we do not recommend them to be used in areas of excessive moisture as in most framing systems fogging can occur and excessive moisture can damage the media being framed. Our anodized and powder coated versions can withstand the harshest environments but again you typically do not want to subjugate any framed art to exterior conditions.

Modern Art Frames, Multi-Panel Art Systems, Architectural Panel Kits, Modular Workspace Solutions
Use our patented architek modern picture frame system as a stand-alone modern picture frame or combine multiple modern picture frames to create unique multi-panel systems and/or modern architectural walls. These unique contemporary picture frames and architectural products are constructed of high-grade perforated aluminum and present a versatile way of framing art, pictures and flat panel TV’s. Aluma designs offers a turnkey service in that we can design, print, build, frame, and ship our modern image display products directly to you or your clients with simple easy to understand installation instructions.

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