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Modern Picture Framing System

Modern Picture Frames Taken To A Whole New Level

ALUMA’s flagship product is the patented architek art framing system based on a main structure of perforated high-grade aluminum combined with other contemporary materials and hardware. This art framing system presents a versatile way of framing any media to be displayed.

ALUMA Designs’ modern picture frames will complement and differentiate the walls of any modern home or office. Our ready made modern picture frames are pieces of art themselves. These unique contemporary picture frames are constructed of high-grade perforated aluminum and present a versatile way of framing art and pictures. Our modern frame system allows for pictures to easily be interchanged without any hassle. Although contemporary in design these modern art picture frames are designed to compliment the hospitality, corporate, commercial, and residential environments. Let us help you with your modern and contemporary art framing needs.

Modern Picture Frame

Architek frame pictured on black background

Architek Multi-Panel Art

Create Unique Multi-Panel Modern Art Framing Designs.

Using our patented Architek Modern Art Framing System you can easily design and build a high impact Multi-Panel Art Framing System to meet all of your artistic or corporate design needs.

  • Frame single or multiple images to create dynamic art designs.
  • Completely changeable system, create new art designs as needed
  • Using 9 standard sizes, create limitless Multi-Panel art designs.
  • Affordable Multi-Panel design services and consulting available.

Turn-Key Multi-Panel Design Services Available.

Using your digital files, ALUMA can print and build an affordable Multi-Panel Modern Art Framing System that will rock any wall.

Contact ALUMA to find out how we can help you design your contemporary multi-panel picture framing system and all the unique designs possible.


For commercial environments and businesses of all sizes, Aluma’s display systems can be customized for any size interior sign, document or compliance poster. Architek industrial metal wall frames create a modern high-end look for your business from the sleek plexiglass display to the industrial stand-off hardware. Inspire your employees as well as your current and future customers by putting your brand, key values, vision statements or compliance policies on display.  Featuring quality 1/4″ plexiglass, these bespoke frames are perfect for commercial environments.

High Tech Silver Photo Frames For The 21st Century!

Aluma’s perforated metal Industrial pictures frames are the perfect solution for any company or residence looking to make a modern statement. These modern silver photos frames are hand crafted using the highest quality perforated aluminum and acrylic. The Architek frame is a cut above the rest when it comes to industrial picture framing and is perfect for the Sports, Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing and Construction industries display needs. Meticulously finished with exquisite fabrication and attention to detail you will not find a better industrial picture frame system. Keep your latest and greatest projects on display with easy onsite image changes.

Aluma’s Architek Industrial metal wall frames bring a modern sense of style to any interior. From commercial to residential spaces, these perforated silver brushed metal photo frames allow your pictures to pop with a style that ushers your guests into the future. Hand crafted in the US these silver photo frames are great for displaying your latest projects, art, motivational posters, interior signage, recognition walls, awards, or diplomas.

Modern Art Frames, Multi-Panel Art Systems, Architectural Panel Kits, Modular Workspace Solutions

Use our patented architek modern picture frame system as a stand-alone modern picture frame or combine multiple modern picture frames to create unique multi-panel systems and/or modern architectural walls. These unique contemporary picture frames and architectural products are constructed of high-grade perforated aluminum and present a versatile way of framing art, pictures and flat panel TV’s. Aluma designs offers a turnkey service in that we can design, print, build, frame, and ship our modern image display products directly to you or your clients with simple easy to understand installation instructions.

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