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Modern, Changeable, Minimalist Design for all your standard size Diploma’s & Awards.

The ALUMA VETRO product line is absolutely the best quality Stand-Off product on the market today. We don’t skimp on materials, we only use the highest quality frame grade acrylics that are made in the USA. We know our clients expect the best, so all of our products have superior craftsmanship and beautifully finished edges. These Stand-Off frames are great for commercial signage solutions as well.

Our modern Vetro acrylic Stand-Off picture frames can frame various size images. Sleek modern design and high-quality hardware make the Stand-Off version of our popular VETRO acrylic picture frame a great choice for all your display needs. Easy onsite image changes, so you always have your latest and greatest on display.


VETRO Modern Acrylic Award Frame

From $79.00$119.00

*Returning customers – please verify cap sizes on previously purchased frames before selecting your hardware size.

All standard frames & mounting options can be used as landscape & portrait orientation.


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Weight N/A
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Frame Size

8"x10" Frame (For 4"x6" or 5"x7" Photo), 11.5"x14" Frame (For 8"x10" or 8.5"x11" Photo), 12.5"x15" Frame (For 8.5"x11" Photo), 15"x18" Frame (For 11"x14" Photo), 15"x21" Frame (For 11"x17" Photo), 16"x16" Frame (For a 12"x12" Photo) *actual size 15.75"x15.75", 16"x20" Frame (For 12"x16" Photo) *actual size 15.75"x20", 18"x24" Frame (For 14"x20" Photo) *actual size 18"x23.75", 20"x24" Frame (For 16"x20" Photo) *actual size 20"x23.75", 22"x22" Frame (For 18"x18" Photo), 22"x28" Frame (For 18"x24" Photo), 24"x24" Frame (For 20"x20" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x23.75", 24"x28" Frame (For 20"x24" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x28", 24"x32" Frame (For 20"x28" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x31.75", 24"x36" Frame (For 20"x32" Photo) *actual size 23.75"x35.75", 28"x28" Frame (For 24"x24" Photo), 28"x34" Frame (For 24"x30" Photo), 28"x40" Frame (For 24"x36" Photo), 34"x44" (Discontinued Soon), 9"x24" Frame (For (3) 5"x7" or (1) 7"x22" Photo) *actual size 9"x23.75", 9"x31" Frame (For (4) 5"x7" or (1) 7"x29" Photo)

Hardware Options

7/8" Round Architectural Hardware, 5/8" Round Architectural Hardware

Mounting Options

Stand-Off, Quick-Mount Upgrade

Acrylic Front

1/4" Clear Acrylic Front, 1/4" Non-Glare Acrylic Front UPGRADE

Acrylic Finish

Standard Machine Finished Edge, Satin Finished Edge Upgrade (+15%), Platinum Polished Edge Upgrade (+30%)

Printing Options

, ,

Background Material

Vetro 1/4 Clear Acrylic, Vetro 1/4 Black Acrylic (+25%)

Clear Acrylic Fine Art

1/8" Clear Acrylic Fine Art Mat 25%, 1/4" Clear Acrylic Fine Art Mat 35%

Mounting Security Bracket (+$25)

No, Yes

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Customiser Size


Mounting Options

Both the Quick Mount and the Traditional Stand-Off mounting options for our Vetro acrylic art frames are modern and minimalist. When you view them from the front, both the Quick-Mount and the traditional Stand-Off frame look the same, only when you view each from the side do you see the difference. The Quick-Mount version of the Vetro acrylic picture frame is very minimalist and looks as if the art frame is just floating on the wall. Less damage to walls and ease of hanging make the Vetro Quick-Mount version a top choice of commercial clients nationwide. For those who want to see more hardware or need to frame items that are transparent in nature, the Stand-Off version and its visible back barrel hardware is a great framing solution.

Traditional Stand-Off Hardware

Additional Brushed metal back barrels are added for a 1” mount off of wall Great modern look, slightly harder to mount than the Quick-Mount Bracket.

Quick-Mount Bracket (+20%)

Unique acrylic french cleat system which floats the frame off the wall by a 1/2” Minimal damage to walls Quickly remove entire frame at once for easy on-site image changes.


Satin or Platinum Polished Edge Upgrades

Satin Finished Edge Upgrade

  • All products come with clean precision CNC machined edges.
  • CNC Machined edges leave faint tooling marks which are removed via an extra manufacturing process leaving modern clean frosted edges.
  • Perfect for those on a tighter budget, who still require a quality product and the finest attention to detail.

Platinum Perfection Hand Polished edge Upgrade

  • *Up-grade to our beautiful platinum hand polished edges , which are available on all of our acrylic products.*



Print purchase includes free mounting of prints in frames so they arrive ready to hang. Choose from our selection of printing options.

**If you select a printing option, one of our printing professionals will contact you for the high-resolution document to be printed.


Hardware Size

Hardware size is purely subjective.

5/8″ hardware is more proportionally suited to smaller frames while 7/8″ works well with larger frames.



What is the production time for Vetro Acrylic Frames?

The turnaround time for this product is 3-5 business days.  Higher bulk orders may vary.

Installation Instructions

Click the link below to download installation instructions:

Vetro Stand-Off Instructions

Vetro Quick-Mount Instructions

What sizes are available in the Vetro art frame?

All Vetro frames are built to your exact specifications. Log into our custom frame configurator and design your custom Vetro frame right online. If you experience any problems with the configurator or have questions about sizing please feel free to give us a call.

Should I order a Quick-Mount or a Traditional Stand-Off Vetro frame?

Both Versions of our Vetro frame use the same high quality architectural stand-off hardware and look the same from the front view, they are just attached to the wall differently.

The Vetro Quick-Mount version has the look of a standoff system but allows for easier mounting and media changes due to the unique hanging bracket that allows for the frame to be quickly mounted and removed from the wall.

The Traditional Stand-Off version is slightly harder to hang and is not quite as easy to change images but is a great option when the items you need to frame are transparent or of a unique size which would make hiding the rear mounting bracket of the Quick-Mount version impossible or difficult.

Do you offer Volume Discounts?

Yes, for large commercial projects, Contact us and we will prepare a discounted quote for you with your respective volume discount applied.

What comes included with my Vetro acrylic picture frame?

Every frame comes with all the necessary architectural mounting hardware to hang your Vetro frame.

Can I mount and hang The Vetro frame myself?

Yes, Every frame comes with easy to understand directions and can be hung with just a few simple tools. You can download our framing and hanging directions directly from the Vetro product page.

What thickness of acrylic do you use in the Vetro art frame?

You can choose from several different acrylic combinations and thicknesses. We recommend our Elite Model, which uses 1/4” frame grade acrylic for both the front and back pieces of the Vetro art frame. We also offer Select (1/4” front & 1/8” back) and Economy (1/8” front & back) for projects that are on a tighter budget.

*Please note that large frames with 1/8” acrylic tend to flex which can cause spacing between the front and back pieces of acrylic. We recommend Elite thickness when ordering large frames.

Is the Vetro art frame archival?

Museum grade materials and custom acrylic mats are available upon request. The custom cut and polished transparent mats may be inserted in between the two solid layers of acrylic to keep the top layer of acrylic from touching your artwork. However, due to the frameless design all acrylic sandwich style frames will allow small amount of dust to enter the framing system over time.

What about the quality and durability?

All of our Vetro art frames are hand-made here in the USA and have exceptionally finished edges. Acrylic is great in that it does not break and is lighter than glass, however it does scratch and must be handled with care. Never use glass cleaner on any acrylic product. We recommend using a specialty acrylic cleaner and polish like Brillianize. (May be purchased from us upon request)

Vetro frames are custom made to order and cannot be returned.

Mix and Match

Mix and match different size products within a product line to receive great volume discounts.
Example: Select (3) 8×10 Vetro Stand-Off frames and (7) 15″x18″ Vetro Stand-Off frames and receive a 10% volume discount off your Vetro Stand-Off order.

All discounts are automatically calculated in your shopping cart. Promotional codes may not be combined with volume discounts.

Aluma Volume Discounts

5-9 Units 5% off
10-14 Units 10% off
15-19 Units 15% off
20-99 Units 20% off
100 Units and Up 30% off

Custom Sizes and Shipping Information

Does your print or artwork need a custom size? Try out our custom configurator. You design it! We build it!


*XL Frames and XL Orders will be shipped by ground freight.

*Contact Aluma for a quote for urgent rush jobs or if you require additional services such as Inside Delivery or White Glove Service.

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