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Cypress Semiconductor – Architek Custom Recognition Panels2020-11-06T14:14:51-05:00

Project Description

Project Details

Cypress Semiconductor – Austin, TX

Cypress Semiconductor needed a solution to display service awards and company news in line with the companies modern high-tech brand. The Aluma architek Recognition Display System was a perfect fit. Not only did it allow them to display multiple awards and documents it also allows them to make effortless changes as needed. Our team of designers worked closely with Cypress Semiconductor to design and build a custom system to service all their needs. Four of Aluma’s 40″x50″ architek panels were used as the base elements for this custom recognition display system. Vetro Slide frames and other custom display elements were used to make this dynamic system meet all of Cypress’s needs. The changeable Custom UV printed Acrylic titles create an organized professional look and allow for future re-design of the system. To re-purpose the system Cypress can easily order new UV printed acrylic titles from Aluma and just swap them out for a perfect fit.

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