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Keeps your Counter Top Free Standing Sneeze Guard from sliding!

Sneeze Guard- Counter Top – Secure Bracket Set w/VHB Mounting Tape


  • Sneeze Guard Acrylic – Secure Bracket Set.

  • May be used with all Counter Top Free Standing Sneeze Guards.

  • Helps keep your counter or desktop sneeze guard from sliding.
  • (4) 1/2″ x 1.75″ Acrylic Brackets
  • Double-sided removable VHB mounting tape.
  • Only keeps sneeze guard from sliding will not keep it from being pushed over if hit hard enough.

*Attention: Acrylic edges can be sharp. Hand-Sanded Edge Upgrade Available



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Weight .005 lbs
Guard Size

24" W x 24" H, 24" W x 32" H

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Acrylic Sneeze Guard – Counter Top Version- Secure Bracket Set

Keep your Aluma Counter or Desk top Acrylic Sneeze Guard from sliding around when bumped.

*Will not keep your Sneeze Guard from being knocked over if bumped with excessive force.

In an effort to do our part in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens, all of us here at ALUMA are working flat out in developing Sneeze Guards — ALUMA style.

Drawing on our years of experience in the design and producing of Acrylic Picture Frames, Signs and Displays, we are perfectly equipped to move into production immediately.

If you are in need of 1 or 1,000, please let us know. We are developing portable counter tops, permanent counter tops, flush front mounts, and ceiling mounts, with the option of custom printed graphics and messages available as well.


*Due to the current COVID-19 health crises we are unable to accept any returns on Sneeze Guards. Please make sure you have ordered the correct size product for your application. Stay safe and Thank You for your understanding.

Sneeze Guard Secure Bracket Set Specifications:

Acrylic Sneeze Guard Counter Top Secure Bracket Set

(4) 1/2″ x 1.75″ Acrylic Base Brackets

Double sided VHB mounting tape one side

Mounting Instructions: *Warning Acrylic has sharp edges and gloves should be used when trying to remove these brackets from any surface*

1. Once you have your Counter Top Sneeze guard in place

2. Remove the VHB tape backing and stick all (4) Acrylic Brackets to the counter or desk on both sides of the sneeze guards shield outside the legs.

3. This will keep your sneeze guard from sliding on your counter or desk top.

Special Notes:

*These brackets will not keep it from being knocked over if pushed.

*The brackets can be removed and re-positioned several times before you loose the VHB bond.

*Once bond has set-up bracket can still be removed but the VHB tape may have lost is adhesive qualities and new double sided tape may need to be applied.

Custom Sneeze Guard Sizes and Solutions Available:

For custom sneeze guard public health workplace solution requests, please contact or call 1-800-311-5679.

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