ADA Signage for a Variety of Styles & Purposes

ALUMA is proud to offer NovAcryl Series Photopolymer ADA Signage which is the world leading substrate for ADA Braille and Accessible Room Identification Signage. NovAcryl has the most diverse range of substrates available and allows for unlimited design while being environmentally responsible.  Additionally, the Rowmark method is also offered as an alternative.  This method allows for engraving & reverse-engraving with greater flexibility in usable materials.

ADA Signage

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Create a modern ADA sign your guests will remember. Make your business more widely accessible and easier to navigate with a modern professional ADA solution. Let our specialized ADA experts work with you and your team to develop the perfect solution to fit your ADA design needs.

Ada Compliant Signs

Photopolymer ADA Signage Assembly

Modern Architectural


Modern Architectural
Clear photopolymer layer bonded to a patterned resin panel. Hundreds of resin patterns, textures, colors to choose from for your imagination to go wild. Green eco-friendly resins are also available. Custom-select the color, pattern, texture, interlayer and finish of your material, Nova’s Varia™ series is the perfect medium for your architectural projects.

Versatile Variety ADA


Versatile Variety

PETG clear sign, moisture resistant, shatterproof, UV blocker for and extended life. There are eight different thicknesses to choose from.The photopolymer effluent is 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of into any public sewer system – the perfect sign solution for environmentally conscious customers and LEED Certified facilities. Custom painted ADA signs with raised custom colored accents using a hot stamp foil process. Choose your specific color palette.

Base Laminate ADA Signage


Base Laminate

Choose from hundreds of patterned substrates including wood grain, granite and marble to adhere your raised tactile characters directly to the substrate. Feel the difference. What material is perfect for your design needs? Sub- strates from trusted names like Formica, Pionite and Wilsonart.

Aluminum ADA Signage


Aluminum Look

Consists of the same moisture resistant nylon based photopolymer layer as found on NovAcryl. Clear adhesive layer gives a brushed aluminum face appearance.


Exterior Grade

Synthetic rubber monomer rated for UV protection. Zero percent swell rate in any weather condition or temperature. Material is compatible with any exterior grade paint. No additional treatment is required.

Permaglow ADA


Safety Glow

The perfect solution tailored to egress safety concepts or dimly lit areas. This material absorbs light during the day and provides photo-luminescent emergency guidance during power outages and at night. It’s UL1994 listed and 22.5 times brighter than Standard Glow. Ideal for stairwells and exits, clearly identifies fire extinguishers and emergency aids. Illuminates fire escapes and evacuation routes with no electrical power needed.

Rowmark Engraved ADA Signage


Raster & Engraving

Rowmark allows for the use of many different substrates due to its flexible method.  This method simplifies and expands the capabilities of what can be designed and accomplished through the quick engraving & reverse-engraving functionality.  Lastly, the sophisticated raster process places physical beads into the sign to form Braille lettering.

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